BODY CONTROL PILATES® Strengthening & toning the body – with John Spencer

Class open to any level

JOHN SPENCER – Pilates Exercise Teacher – John has an exercise and sports background and has coached sports people over the years near Windsor.  John trained with The Body Control Pilates Academy in 2003.

He is a certified Back4Good® Practitioner and Backcare professional. He focuses on general and clinical pilates and specifically for individuals with back issues

HOW PILATES EXERCISE CAN HELP  – The exercises target the core postural muscles to balance the alignment of the body, and improve posture to enhance everyday movement. The exercises help ensure the correct muscle recruitment pattern is used for each particular movement. Focusing on both the mind and body, helping you relax and create a sense of wellbeing and energy.


  • strengthen and tone muscles
  • improve posture, balance and flexibility
  • enhance body movement
  • provide a sense of well-being
  • create realignment to promote better postural movement
  • relieve stress and help you relax
  • relieve joint and back problems
  • enhance health of your mind and body
  • create a longer, leaner, stronger body
  • feel energised, relaxed and have fun


To book a place contact Gillian Burn – 07831 526 531 or email – gillianburn@healthcircles.co.uk

£12 a class paid by BACS

You will be asked to complete an enrolment form on booking

Clients will be required to bring their own equipment – mat, cushions, band, spikey balls and soft pilates ball – we will provide information on booking.